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Concern Over Record Number Of Evictions




Number Of Evicted Tenants At Highest Levels Since Records Began

In a stark reminder of the affects of the welfare cuts new figures released today show that the families are being evicted from their homes in their droves. So far this year bailiffs have evicted over 11,000 families as tenants struggling with their finances are unable to pay their rent.

The evictions have been put down to welfare cuts and increases in rents and it could get worse as further welfare and benefits cuts come into force this year. The figures are alarming becasue so far this year we are on target to evict more tenants than at any time since records began in 2000 when records began

According to official figures released today 142 families are being evicted every day and most of those tenants are with social landlords. Rents have soared over the past couple of years but housing associations and councils are the biggest culprits and want to capitalise on rising house prices according to media reports.

Tenants are simply struggling to keep a roof over their heads becasue of the cuts in housing benefit and bedroom tax. Half of the evictions have been in the London area where rents are amongst the highest in Britain.



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