Regulated Tenancies Wanted

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Regulated Tenancies Were CreatedPrior To 1989

A regulated tenancy is a special type of tenancy in terms of security of tenure. This means that there are very few grounds that you may use to have the tenant evicted. The tenants in general would have moved in before 15th January 1989 and the amount of rent that they pay will be set by an independent rent assessment panel. All dealings with the tenant will normally go through the local rent office that deals with fair rents.

As well as the special status that the tenant enjoys the tenant also has certain rights that differ from an assured shorthold tenancy. The tenancy is regulated by the fair rent act and the law gives the tenant’s rights to:

  • Stop people from entering the premises freely and without prior appointment with the tenant.
    Have the rent increased every two years
    Possibly pass the tenancy down to a close family member in certain circumstances
    Get certain repairs carried out by the landlord.

Regulated Tenancies Landlord Is Responsible For External Works

With regard to getting repairs carried out on the property the law says that the landlord will be responsible for the structure and any external repairs that may need to be carried out. The tenancy will have more information on the landlords responsibilities and it is possible that other remedial works will be the responsibility of the landlord. As a landlord it is imperative you