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Rent Assessment Panel – Fair Rents

Fair Rent Officer – Housing Tribunals

A protected tenancy is unlike most tenancies in that the rent that is paid is not set b the landlord. Instead it is set by a local rent assessment panel who will decide exactly how much rent should be paid by the tenant and will also consider any increases that you will be entitled to every two years. You will be able to ask for an increase every two years and any increase will be increased inline with the retail prices index. If you have carried out some wrks to the property you may be able to ask for a higher rent but it will have to be approved by them first.


The rent assessment panel is an independent body that is funded by the Department Of Social Development. If a tenant receives a notice from the landlord that the rent is to be increased the tenant may appeal to the rent assessment panel for their opinion. The rent assessment panel will consider the increase and has the power to dismiss the rent increase and can even reduce the rent from it’s existing level if it feels that the property is falling into disrepair. Therefore it is very important to manage your building and make sure that any essential works are carried out immediately.

  1. When the panel makes a decision the decision will include the following information what the rent should be
  2. The date the rent is payable from
  3. The reasons for their decision

A landlord can appeal against the decision but would have to appeal through the High Court. This is very rarely an option when you take into account the small increases in rent that we are talking about. Going to the High Court is particularly expensive and most landlords accept the decisions of the Tribunal.