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Succession Rights - Protected Tenancies

Passing The Tenancy To A Family Member

A very important point that is sometimes overlooked is the possibility that the tenancy could be passed down to a close family member in certain circumstances. When buying a tenancy it is important to find out who is living in the house and what rights they have in terms of succession rights.

For example if the tenant dies and a close family member has been living in the house for at least two years prior to the death of the tenant it is possible they may be entitled to inherit the tenancy. If a son or daughter has been living in the property since birth it is almost certain that they will have succession rights.

Rights Of Succession – Tenancy Could Be Passed Down Twice

If the tenancy has not been passed down previously then the tenancy will remain a regulated tenancy and will therefore be subject to the same rules as the previous tenancy. The rent will still be set by the rent assessment panel and you should direct all of your enquiries through he local rent office.

If the tenancy has been passed down already to a family member then the tenancy may still be passed down but it will become as assured tenancy which still allow the tenant to stay in the property until they die or until they decide to move out. there is another section on assured tenancies on this site.